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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Hobby.... Happiness... Life Connection..

Hobby.. Habit... What is it....

Mere difference of grammar?? Or any connection...? When anyone will think abt these two part of life.. will realize that they are critically important and interrelated things.

I don't want to twist more or create confusion.

See, Generally, people classify our behaviour as bad Habits or Good Habits... (Special Force named Family and Friends does the job of classification for us).

Here is a list of some:
U have Habit of criticizing everything or you don't have opinions..
U are unorganized or Toooo much organised.
U have Habit of bathroom singing or U have a sweet voice.
Top of that most famous comment is that U have Negative thinking Habit or U are Overconfident...!!
Completely Two Sides if Coin.. isn't it?

It's not that people are always demoralizing u by classifying your behaviour, but mostly they just care abt u...n want to have respected life.
But, If you are confused and irritated by same comments by these "Special Reserved forces in life". there is a solution. A little Lifeboat..!!
Nurturing HOBBY...!!

If you enjoy having Habit of  Criticizing.. Singing.. Scribbling drawings... Copying.. Translating something... Mimicking someone.. Helping.. Breaking.. Joining.. or even Hitting someone.... It's not wrong.

Just understand, ur System is not a corrupt or Having virus... :P Bt you have arrived on Earth with some apps (Habits) having Premium Version.
It's the God Gift My Dear...!!
I believe our Beloved God have sent us with at least ONE gift. U will definitely have ONE Essence, that will beat anybody in the world.
So never feel like U r looser.. or U don't have any quality that will serve u Joy, Respect, and Recognition... But The Solution is inside U.. Really it is..
Just pick the R8 boat...
Find your Gift..

I just want to present an example..
Francis Ouimet.. Renowned golf player and more off Golf lover..
You can watch movie 'The greatest game ever played'
He didn't want to be great professional golfer. He just wanted to play it and feel it.. Becoz it was the sole reason to be happy..
He was Caddie (Golf stick carrier or servant to golf player. So in Gentlemen society, he wasn't allowed to even play golf.
But despite all the opposition.. He played it... loved it.. And He eventually defeated the topmost player in world..
After that, Mr. Ouimet became a businessman as a profession but didn't keep aside Golf love.
Because It was his hobby... The boat which lead him to the Islands of inner happiness.
So my advice is to U...

Don't be something in life only to please others..
Be U...
Becoz Person who can't make himself happy...will not be capable of making others happy..
Most important question you would ask me.. that what have you achieved in life to tell all this to world..

My answer would be I have pursued my Hobby.. Sketching..
N I can't describe the inner feeling, whenever I complete any of my sketch.. Completeness... Self-dignity.. Joy.. Life...!! :)
Thank you for your attention, Friend..
Waiting for Comments and Views..
And please follow my blog if you have liked it..!

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