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Friday, 16 January 2015

Hw was 25 years...!!

Me started at Midnight of 08th Feb 1989...... Who might have thought that time... This infant gonna be The Vishal Potdar... :P

Jokes apart...!

My family... We.. living in village.. 10km near Karad.. District:Satara...
Our financial condition was not great.. being father a welder in factory and Aai.. teacher in Anganwadi (Govt nursery school).. Post RD collection work..Sewing clothes... multitasking women... with a great will of serving a family. She has taught me submissiveness through her life.
And other columns of my family close to me are Taii (grandma).. Dada (protecting my blind side)..and my Mavshi ( the backbone of aai)...

Though financial condition wasn't favorable, We never complained.. cried.. cursed to anyone... That WILL and NEED to create the identity made me to Top from standard first to 10th.. then did Engg. And MBA.

Poverty teaches u Alot.. How to dream... To create something out of nothing.. To Fight against Worst.. and most important to Love the family..
I would never cry for Childhood being lost in middle-class ... rather I thank god for letting these luxury be mystery in life.. Because now at this stage I feel that sparkling joy in Aai's heart when I buy something in a home.. that she have been awaiting for yearsss...
I didn't want to fetch that much long.. but it is the life.. how much gonna describe.. it goes on..
Yesterday I heard a thought...

If u want to pray to god for your good being... don't do that... Your Mother does that every moment of her life... :)

And I can say... please don't pray to god for ur parents happiness.. Just go. and Hug them with love and smile.. that's all.. Their eyes will sparkle with World's great happiness...!!

That's My Goal... Dream in life... To make my parent's each moment to be happy... <3


  1. Awesome Vishal. Good job. Keep it up. You can also start writing your blogs about your sketching skills.