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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Madaari... Irfan's Show..!!

Many of us might have seen Street show of Madaari. He plays his monkey however he wants to entertain people and most importantly earn money. Along with Madaari, there is always a assistant called as "Jamura" and his asset as a "Monkey". Core of Movie is about, "Now time has come, when "Jamura (Common Man)" will become Madaari (Powerful as a Politicians).

This is basically a Socio-Political story, having emotional touch. It has picked true tragedy of "Marol (Mumbai) Metro Bridge collaps (2012)" as a thread and have woven story around Father's vendetta against corrupt government system. In bridge disaster tragedy, Nirmal Kumar (Irfan Khan) lost his beloved Son,  His world gets shattered due to this accident. After spending quite a time in depression, Nirmal kumar pledges to expose corrupt politicians. He kidnaps 'Home Minister' Goswami's (Tushar Dalvi) school-going Son,asking in exchange his boy to be returned. which in turn dig out Criminals of corruption. You will think, this is simple story, but how cleverly he escapes from cops is interesting and climax is stunning.

It will obviously be compared with movies like Wednesday, Rang de Basanti etc. The films which has story-line of "Common Man" being rebel against system. But I would say, Although its essence is same, presentation of story stands out. It keeps your mind curious and doesn't let you predict the story-line.

Nirmal Kumar's past life with his son has been beautifully shown. Ideally such should be Father-Son relation in our homes. Another emotional relation built up in movie, between Home Minister's Son and Nirmal kumar. Kid's journey from Rude kid of Minister to compassionate and responsible citizen has been well presented. Yeah, some of humor is there to get u smiling.

Just before interval, story gets slow a bit. You will be getting to realize that, it is slipping out of hands of director. But after interval it accelerates, keeping you on your toe. Vishal Bhardwaj elevates soul of movie's climax, with beats of background music and song by Sukhvinder Singh.

Nishikant Kamat has becoming one of the Finest Director of Indian Cinema. To remind you, Drishyam was his directorial debut. Best thing in his direction is the natural presentation of scenes and story. He doesn't allow story to exaggerate. Strong and effective dialogues are one of plus point of this movie. 

Jimi Shergil's role could have been more aggressive. His presence as a cop feels better, but we can expect somemore from him. Irfan Khan, as always a "kadak" actor, lifts up movie. Tell me if I am exaggerating, but Irfan Khan will going to become such a contributor to Hindi Cinema, as Morgan Freeman to Hollywood. I will always put him, way ahead of bollywood's Most famous "03 Khans" (Entertainers, not actors).

We can say, It is not "The Hall of the Fame Movie" but it is rather one of the Finest attempt, showing feelings of Man made disaster victims (Due to corruption). It deserve your presence in theater.

My most favorite dialogue is "बाझ चुजे पे झपटा.. उडा ले गया.. कहानी सच्ची लगती है लेकीन अच्छी नही लगती..!! बाज पे पलटवार हुआ.. कहानी सच्ची नही लगती लेईकी खुदा कसम बहोत अच्छी लगती है..!!" 

Note: Above article is based on Hindi film "Madaari". Opinions are based on writer's views. Welcome Suggestions.