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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Kaabil (2017) - Revenge on Invisible Evil..

Film: Kaabil 
Release date:25 January 2017
Director: Sanjay Gupta
Production: Rakesh Roshan
My ratings: 3.9/5 

As you already know, this film sets plot on visually impared couple. The revenge drama that, bollywood has played numerous time. But what makes it unique and challenging is the blind but jolly characters, 'Rohan' (Hrithik) and 'Supriya' (Yami Gautam). After being married, Supriya does get raped by political gunda. Couple, being blind gets bullied by corrupt system and couldn't get justice. Top of this tragedy, something so sad happens that, Rohan pledge to avenge the evils. This part of story demands a stronger acting from Hrithik and Yami, and they succeed to make you feel couple's helplessness.

It was challenge for screenplay writers  Sanjay Masoom and Vijay Kumar Mishra, to hold viewer's attention till last moment. And they have done outstanding job. Film succeed to become nail-biting but misses being realistic. During First half, love-story of Rohan and Supriya doesn't feels to be natural or cuddling. But after intermission, story gets armor on and battles like anything. It will give you one of the best revenge story. 

Hritik carries the tag of being hero and he has given best performance like in film "Guzarish". Film has been lifted up by supporting cast. Real-life brothers Ronit and Rohit Roy has made impactful performance in negative shade. They will make sure to bring out your hatred toward the villain characters. Ronit Roy always add weight to his roles. He perfectly adapts character's (corrupt corporater) anguish, ruthlessness and arrogance. This is the cat and mouse game, so role of cops was also quite important. It has is well played by Narendra Jha with his calm but sharp approach and Girish Kulkarni with witty  trademarks style.

Though first half is little dull, Director Sanjay Gupta has made decent effort to make justice with story. One of Scenes, where Rohan Bhatnagar warns cops about taking up laws in his hands to get the justice, does clench your mind. This scene is  remarkable and iconic dialogue.

Rajesh Roshan's melodies fails to impress your ears. Remix of old classics "Dil kya kare" and "Haseeno ka Deewana" are just hanging there and worsens elegance of original score.

So, the film is quite "Kaabil" to get your appreciation. This week, Internet is trending on challenge between SRK's 'Raees' and Roshan's 'Kaabil'. I have seen both films yesterday, and both are equally entertaining. But I felt to write review of Kaabil, first. Because it is winning hearts even if 'Raees' is commercially ahead.

If producer is Rakesh Roshan, then there is always... "All in the Family.."... All major parts except direction, will be carried out by family members. Fortunately, he has blessed with  talented son (Hrithik).

Note: Article is purely based on views of author and if you notice any flaw, suggestions will be welcomed.

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