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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Raees (2017).... just a Commercial Film...

Film: Raees (2017)
Director: Rahul Dholkia
Producers: Gauri Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani
My ratings: 3.5/5

Have you watched Shahrukh Khan in films Darr (1993) and Anjam (1994) ? If yes, it would bring back memories of the successful anti-hero performance of SRK. Only he had the guts to do these negative shaded roles, irrespective of his stardom image. You hate Raees for being angry, naïve gangster. 
What you get in Raees is bollywood masala which typically includes angry young man who justify his crimes by being Messiah to people, loyal cop who swears to put an end to gangster, pretty face heroine, action, cat and mouse chase, item song etc etc... 

So, why film Raees is getting due publicity and commercial success? Because of the sharp and perfect performances of duo, SRK and Navajuddin. If In SRK's film, supporting actor gets equal applaud and appreciation, this is quite a deal. Navajuddin is shining film after film. We have seen Zeeshan Ayyub in few of last year's films and he is also leaving his mark in supporting roles.  He closely looks like Piyush Mishra and also acts at same level as Piyush. Mahira khan is nothing more than need of heroine in film. We know, why film makers feel need to cast Pakistani actor for such a simple role (to capture Pakistani market). I'm not opposing Pakistani actors, but hates this commercial hypocrisy.

Direction is also key factor in making this film as a entertainment pact. Rahul Dholkia is a good director, who had won national award for direction of film Parzania (2007).

Producer displays note at beginning of film being fiction and not based on any real life person. But, it is no more mystery that story is based on Gujarat based gangster and liquor baron Abdul Latif. It is sad that, film does glorification of his criminal actions by depicting him as a messiah to poor people. He has shown to be secular, but he was close aid of Dawood and ISI.

Overall, film is entertaining and treat for SRK and Navajuddin fans.

Note: Above article is purely based on writer's views. If you have appreciation or suggestions, please share in comment box. Share on facebook, whatsapp if you liked it.

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