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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Ladies First...!! Women's day special...!!

Ladies.. This is just for you...

This picture is just for illustration and
not owned by vishalwords.blogspot.in

Man can differentiate colours mostly as Black, White, Red, Yellow, Red and Blue etc... But Woman can differentiate hundreds of shades in these colours.. (after marriage, we men realised that)...

I think, this is because ladies are blessed with a mind which has paradise of shades. We men usually mock you for frequent changes in your moods per minute. But I would say, this is a blessing from God. You create a beautiful and colourful World around us with a different flavour in each minute. You can find the colour (nature) of each family member and blend in it, to match nearest possible shade. This is a most incredible thing you make it possible to hold the each colour of rainbow together i.e. Family. 

This picture is just for illustration and
not owned by vishalwords.blogspot.in

We men argue that you create lot of drama around minute things. But this drama is a reflection of innocence and proof of emotional moments. What matters most is that the multiple roles played by you in the biggest drama of life i.e. Family. Daughter, Sister, Mother, lover, friend, wife... The list is long... And you don't care for credits at the end of this drama.. usually, your actions and achievements are unsung.. but you would never complain about that...

People mock you about being physically weak. But they forgot about your mental strength. The way you stand beside your family members during the challenging time is the act of strength.. an act of being warrior...

Companion of My Life
Few men have Eve teased you.. molested you .. raped you.. beat you.. pressurized you... But this would definitely be going to stop. I pledge to oppose such acts, whenever I could witness such acts. But please be strong and ready to fight monsters in the world. Learn self-defense, carry protective gadgets (pepper spray, taser etc). Show your utmost strength to oppose such cowardice acts.  

This picture is just for illustration and not
owned by vishalwords.blogspot.

Wishing you all Happy Women's Day... Eventually, each day of years is yours only... But this one is special... 

Just remember...You make this world beautiful... Just smile and live your dreams...!!

Note: Above article is based on personal thoughts of the author of this blog and doesn't intend to malign or hurt anybody's feelings. 

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  1. Superb Vishal.. Neatly described your thoughts and reality!!!