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Saturday, 1 April 2017

'Jinnah House' Drama- Pooorani Haweli

This week, you must have heard/read about something about 'Historical' and Lavish house of Mohammad Ali Jinnah. 

Nowadays politics is becoming more irritating than children playing in your backyard. One thing (it might be toy/stick/stone anything) which is lying on the floor for hours. No any child in the group notices it and doesn't want it. All of a sudden, one child lifts it and other starts crying to get that thing. At such time, mom has to throw away that thing and then all crying children come at a peace.

The Same thing has happened in our country's backyard....

What about Jinnah House?

The Jinnah House is a sea-facing bungalow in Malabar Hills, Mumbai. It was built in 1936 by Mohammad Ali Jinnah - the man, who almost single-handedly created a nation and partitioned India.  Jinnah is said to have built the palatial bungalow at an exorbitant cost of Rs 2,00,000. To understand the cost perspective, it would be interesting to know that in 1947, when India got Independence, Re 1 was equivalent to USD 1. So maybe in today's economy, it would be approx. 400 Cr Rs. property. It is spread over 2.5 acres of land. The bungalow is sea facing. Exquisite Italian marble and walnut woodwork were used in the construction of the Jinnah House. 

Story After Partition

After Independence, Pandit Nehru did not want to declare Jinnah House an enemy's property. It is said that Nehru wanted to return the Jinnah House to Mohammad Ali Jinnah or rent it out to some European with the consent of Jinnah. But, the sudden demise of Jinnah a year later in 1948, Nehru could not take a final call on the Jinnah House.

Finally, the Jinnah House was declared an evacuee property in 1949 and the government of India took control of the building. It was allotted to the British High Commission, which operated from Jinnah House till 1981 when they moved out. After British High Commission shifted out, Pakistan petitioned the government of India to let it use Jinnah House as its Consulate.

Now A Drama

Since 70 odd years.... This house is standing in Mumbai.... and nobody said anything about it...

On March 25, BJP MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha resurrected the Jinnah debate. Speaking in the Maharashtra Assembly, Lodha called for the demolition of Jinnah House saying it "was the place from where the conspiracy of Partition was hatched."

Since then reactions have been pouring in from various quarters. (Cry Baby) Pakistan expressed concern over the safety of Jinnah House. It demanded that building be handed over to Pakistan.  

The Lokmanya Tilak Swarajya Bhoomi Trust (LTSWT) demanded that the Jinnah House be handed over to it for creating a mural depicting the legacy of Tilak. LTSWT Prakash Silam said that Jinnah had great respect for Lokmanya Tilak. But Why only Jinnah House? Lokmanya Tilak was the sponsor of unity and his mural at such place is itself an insult to his legacy. 

Even Ms Dina Wadia (daughter of Jinnah) has claimed her ownership over Jinnah House, which has been rejected by Ministry of External Affairs.

My Take on the issue

First of all, politicians shouldn't make this as a national issue. It was the property of a person, who only aimed at being at the top chair. It didn't matter him whether it will cut this country in pieces or not. So, don't make this issue more aloud. Better, allow this building to be used for some social cause (such as old age home). I know, writing in this blog won't make the decision for the country. But even any one of future politicians or administrators is reading this, he/she will stop such child's dramas in politics. There are many issues which can be taken in hands, which would lead this society/country to new heights. 

And Yes... If Pakistans wants Jinnah House... Then it should return all the homes that had to be abandoned by lacs of Indian Families at the time of partition....

Note: Above views are personal and doesn't publish to malign any image or religion.

Two people wanted same chair... So they divided the chair...
Mr. Nehru, Lord Mountbatten and Mr. Jinnah

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