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Sunday, 4 June 2017

1000 yrs old Shiv Mandir in vicinity of Mumbai

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Won't you be surprised to know that We Mumbaikars have one of 1000-year-old beautiful Shivaa temple. You might have guessed 'The Elephanta Caves', but it's not.
Some reader might have visited it.. and the name is Ambarnath Temple. 

Based at 02 km from Ambarnath station on a central railway line. And Ambarnath station is about 01 hr journey from CST station.

I had visited Ambarnath 06 years ago for work purpose and was fortunate to learn about this temple. When I visited it,  I just felt relieved and soothing. It made the mark in my mind. Like some places you never forget. This year again I visited the temple along with my wife. Captured some of its beauty in a mobile camera.

According to various articles on the Internet, this temple dates back to 1060 AD. It has been built by Shilahar King Chittaraja and rebuilt by his son Mummuni.

Temple architecture is Hemadpanthi, which is built by carved stones. Sabhamandap has beautiful cylindrical columns. Main Shivalay (where Shivalinga is placed) is 06-07 ft below ground level. Above Sanctum (Garbh Gruh) circular part of the roof is missing, so that light can shower Shivaa. Temple must have been named as "Ambarnath" because of it's 'Sky (Ambar) as a roof' architecture. Outside there is a water storage system (Jal Kunda) built of stones. One of the rare things about this temple is a shrine of Lord Brahma. You can also observe turtles swimming in that Kunda.

Temple is so beautiful that you would hardly take eyes off it. I just wanted to feel that existence of stones over 1000 years. Feeling that, this beauty stones has survived thousands of rainy seasons and storms. But a spirit of God.. stands beautiful and ageless.

Please make a plan and visit this holy and marvellous place. Feel the existence of God and feel the real peace of mind.


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