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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Mom (2017)- Film Review

Film: Mom 
Release Date: 07th July 2017
Directed by:   Ravi Udyawar
Story by:   Sridevi, Navazuddin Siddiqui, Sajal Ali, Akshaye Khanna, Adnan Siddiqui
Music Director: A.R. Rehman

We all empathise with the sexual assault happening in India. Women's safety is a very sensitive and key problem in our country, which needs drastic changes in our judiciary. But, in this article, I would want to talk about film's cinematic point of view. So, please don't misunderstand me, if at some point my statements look to be rational and not on emotional base.

Through the Bollywood films, we are witnessing a situation of sexual assault, emotional pain of rape victims and revenge. Some of in list are Damini (1993), Zakhmi Aurat (1988), Mohra (1994), Pink (2016), Kaabil (2017), Maatr (2017) and now Mom (2017). The cinematic expression in most of such films is always about getting empathy of audience, drowned in worst sorrow. Very few had succeeded in putting the rational picture in front of an audience to let them judge the situation. Pink (2016) did this effort very clearly.

The plot of the film Mom is not much a suspense to the audience due to promotional trailer and news. We know that this story is about revenge by a Mother, for an assault on her daughter. What we expect from this film is an out of the box execution of extraordinary screenplay. If a storyline is common or very known to the audience, screenplay and direction make any film to stand out from a crowd.

The best thing about film Mom is the extraordinary acting by the wonderful cast. For first few minutes, Sridevi's acting looks flat, but in a core part of the film, she has been acted splendidly. The sobbing scenes featuring her reaction after the tragic event about her daughter displays her class of acting. Navajuddin Siddiqui being supporting cast can always steal the thunder from mainstream roles. But sadly, in this film, the character he plays has not been given much of pivotal importance. In this short role of an old -fashioned detective, he makes a statement with his very different look and witty one-liners. If screenplay writers could have added more contribution for his role, then this film would have been much much better. Character Arya who hates her step-mother and becomes a rape victim has been played by Sajal Ali. She has acted well, but not enough to clinch your heart. 

We know it is the revenge story so it will have that blood and anger. But, this revenge plot has lots of loose ends, which writer and director couldn't bother to tighten. At last, it lost the track of being intelligent revenge with open violence. So, director tends to take applause on emotional calling, then a thunder of mystery. 

Though from above points, we get to know lackings in debutant director Ravi Udyawar, one of the iconic scene in this film shows a bright side his direction. That scene is of Rape. We have not been shown a single bit of moment of her assault or her crying or anything that we have been seeing in the traditional cinema. In this scene, we only see the aerial shot of vehicle and a haunting, sad music. Your heart might drown with that scene, you feel how haunting the rape can be. That is the best thing shown in this film, which we can say a very big change from traditional cinema. 

Overall, Mom film is watchable for the best acting performances with Bollywood limitations of the clever plot.

My Ratings: 3.3/5

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