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Monday, 17 July 2017

Train Journey that gave me life's Secret

In June-2017, me and wife had a train journey while visiting Pandharpur (Vitthal Temple). Actually, we both are fond of a train journy especially a long distance train journey for that THAK THAK sound of wheels, iconic loud railway horn and watching sunset by standing at the door.

Coming back to the article... I was telling you about our memorable train journey...

It was already 11.30 pm when we boarded the train. I was feeling sleepy and decided to sleep immediately. When train stopped at next station, I heard chitter-chatter from some of the 4-5 elderly people who was just boarded the train. They were arguing like kids, and only for the reason was that only the damn pillow. I got irritated and checked Facebook for a while, and slept after peaceful situation being established.

At morning, I and wife were woken up by laughter of those senior citizens (this time their group had extended to 8 persons). Now on we will call this group as "Jolly Group". By the time I came back from the washroom, I witnessed bunch of parathas, khakhra (Gujarati snack), chutney on their seats. At last, our conversation with Jolly Group started when they invited us for grand paratha breakfast. We awkwardly took 02 parathas each and started breakfast. Now, when someone has given you delicious parathas, manners suggest having at least small conversation with them. I asked if they were childhood friends and if they were going to attend any wedding ceremony in Pandharpur.

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Here is their story....

They were group of 20 friends (Age range 55 to 87 years), traveling for Vitthal darshan in Pandharpur. They are being friends since last 25 years with connecting link of one of health club in Girgaon (Mumbai). Ethnically they were mix of Marathi, Gujrati, Marwadi, Catholic but each of them could speak fluent Marathi, Hindi as well as Gujarati languages. Another connecting link between them was most important, THEIR HAPPY FACES. They were very much happy to be Together. They were constantly teasing each other, arguing with each other, conversing over many subjects. They didn't felt to take out mobiles and playing games or watching film for being happy.

By the time all awkwardness had been vanished and I was feeling like having new friends. We talked about history, films and also music styles of various Indian music directors starting from KL Saigal to AR Rehman. It was more about listening to them than talking. In that group, eldest member was Mr. Bansilal with age of 87 years old. I just surprised with his attire of t-shirt jeans pants, sport shoes, Sherlock Holmes type cap and charming smile. I think by his heart, he was even younger than me. He told me his story of life. He was running his family business of lather products for 60 years. He shown us the leather wallet produced by his company which he was using for almost 20 years. His friends stepped into our conversation and commented that, his wallet could live that long because he must have used it only 20 times in 20 years (that’s what duty of friends, isn't it?). We laughed out loud...along with Bansilal ji..

To me and my wife, most emotional part of his story was, 62 years of partnership with his wife and how happy they were being together. We were so amazed, because we had just completed 01 year of our marriage at that time. I thought for a moment, when 02 persons being companion for this long time, they would be a true soul mate. They won't require words to communicate feelings. At that time they would be able to read each other's face like a book. Today we check only Facebook for every 05 minutes. And there is no time left to read a face of our friend. By the time we finished our conversation, we had full stomach with parathas and still they were insisting us for one more. We politely resisted by saying, we are not as healthy as you are. 

Now, our destination was within 20 minutes away and a sentence from one of person from Jolly group hit me hard. He said, “Our children and grandchildren don't have time to hangout with us. They are always busy in gadgets and internet. So we all Oldies travel together and enjoy together. Our life's destination is also not so long. We don't know when we would be leaving this world." I was just silent with realization of life. Who knows.. I might not live a long life like theirs. Then what would happen to the happiness that I postponing for tomorrow.. 

I was going to visit temple.. But my God had given me secret of happiness in journey itself..

I looked at my love of life.. my wife.. and said I Love You.. and pledged to live each day of togetherness like their 60 years together.

Note: Thanks for reading till end. It is been honor to write for you.

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