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About Me

Thank you for your glimpse at me...!!

I am nothing but a dream of my soul, Which transformed me, time to time. Born in village Wathar...State Maharashtra (India) came to Mega dream city of Mumbai after 20 of age.

Engineering was my first ever dream or goal in life. so, I achieved degree in Mechanical engineering and went ahead to get masters in MBA marketing.

Currently I am working as a Sales engineer in NTN Bearing India (Japnese company).

My heart always beat for my beloved family (which includes friends). Just want to see these faces to be satisfied and happy.

I always care for the needy ones, who just need your loving gesture and helping hand to stand in this society. And always try give helping hand to such people.

My tagline of Life is...

" Whenever you will be in front of glory of your achievement... Just Look back with love for the people.. who was always care for you..and protect your blind side...


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