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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Chinmay Ganesh - World's Tallest Ganesh Idol

Generally, when you drive down on the flashy NH4 highway towards Kolhapur, you keep accelerator of your car or bike at the highest possible level. But I advise you to slow down a bit 10 km before Kolhapur take a left from Toap Sambhapur exit, drive 01 km on the small road to witness one of the iconic Ganesh Temple. I am sure you would take a bow to Lord Ganesh with astonishing expressions on your face.

As of now, You might have guessed this place if you are native of Western Maharashtra. This place is called "Chinmay Ganesh Temple" at Toap Sambhapur (टोप संभापुर).

This Ganesha idol can be seen from highway itself and after entering gates of the temple person has to lift the chin high to take a view at Ganesha which is about 85 ft tall. The whole structure consists of a 61 ft Ganapati seated on a 24 ft tall Meditation hall. The circular structure has a diameter of about 60 ft and weighs about 800 tonnes. 24 pillars support the Ganesha idol. Fifty skilled workers, specially called from Shimoga (Karnataka) toiled hard for about a year to complete the structure. On 19th November 2001 was the inauguration by Guruji, Swami Tejomayananda. Chinmaya Seva Trust, Maharashtra, accomplished this under the able guidance of Swami Purushottamanand.

Walls of meditation hall has been honoured with biography and work of Swami Chinmayanand who started Chinmaya Mission. As this temple has been placed on elevated ground, you can feel a cool and serene breeze. Spending an hour here will make you calm.

Chinmaya Ganadhish has become a holy place of pilgrimage. Thousands of people visit this place, especially on Sankashti Chaturthi. Every morning worship to the Lord is offered with Vedic Chanting. In the evening Aarti is performed.

Alongside this temple, water park has been situated. So you can also plan a whole day picnic at this place.

My advice is, don't cross Kolhapur without visiting Chinmay Ganadhish.

Here some of the glimpse....

Small yet beautiful Hanuman idol


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